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110 Messier Objects
110 Messier Objects

The 110 Messier Deep-Sky Objects

These are the 110 recognized Messiers for deep-sky astronomy viewing. Also see Caldwell 109 Objects and Herschel 400 Objects.

Messier M1  Crab Nebula
Messier M2
Messier M3
Messier M4
Messier M5
Messier M6  Butterfly Cluster
Messier M7  Ptolemy Cluster
Messier M8  Lagoon Nebula
Messier M9
Messier M10
Messier M11  Wild Duck Cluster
Messier M12
Messier M13  Hercules Cluster
Messier M14
Messier M15
Messier M16  Eagle Nebula
Messier M17  Omega Nebula
Messier M18
Messier M19
Messier M20  Triffid Nebula
Messier M21
Messier M22  Sagittarius Cluster
Messier M23
Messier M24  Milky Way Patch
Messier M25
Messier M26
Messier M27  Dumbell Nebula
Messier M28
Messier M29
Messier M30
Messier M31  Andromeda Galaxy
Messier M32  Andromeda satellite
Messier M33  Triangulum Galaxy
Messier M34
Messier M35
Messier M36
Messier M37
Messier M38
Messier M39
Messier M40  Winecke 4
Messier M41
Messier M42  Orion Nebula
Messier M43  de Mairan's Nebula
Messier M44  Beehive Cluster
Messier M45  Pleiades
Messier M46
Messier M47
Messier M48
Messier M49
Messier M50
Messier M51  Whirlpool Galaxy
Messier M52
Messier M53
Messier M54
Messier M55