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Astronomy & Telescope Glossary

The following glossary terms cover both general astronomy and telescopes. For a list of commonly-used abbreviations, see Astronomy Abbreviations.

A: Aberration - Azimuth

B: Bailey's beads - Bolide

C: Catadioptric - Crescent moon

D: Dark adaptation - Dust lane

E: Earthshine - Exit pupil

F: f-number - Focuser

G: Galaxy - Green flash

H: Harvest moon - HST

I: Inclination - ISS

J: Jovian - JPL

K: Kuiper Belt -

L: Lens - Lunar phases

M: Magnifying power - Monocular

N: Nadir - North Star

O: Objective - Outer planets

P: Parabolic mirror - Prominence

R: Radiant - Right ascension

S: Satellite - Superior planets

T: Telecompressor - True field

U: Umbra -

V: Visual binary - Visual magnitude

W: Waning moon - Widefield eyepiece

Z: Zenith - Zodiacal light

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