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Messier Catalog M25

M25 (NGC IC4725)

Messier M25 (NGC IC4725) is a open cluster located in the constellation Sagittarius, in the Orion Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. in the Local Group of galaxies.

Messier M25 is best viewed during late summer, is magnitude 4.9*, and can be viewed with naked eye (barely). It is 40' in size. For reference, the full moon is 30' (arc minutes) in size.

      1. Name:
      1. Type:
      2. open cluster
      1. NGC:
      2. IC4725
      1. Magnitude (m):
      2. 4.9
      1. Viewing:
      2. naked eye (barely)
      1. Size:
      2. 40'
      1. RA:
      2. 18h 28.8m
      1. Dec:
      2. -19 17'
      1. Season:
      2. late summer
      1. Milky Way location:
      2. Orion Arm
      1. Galaxy group:
      2. Local Group

    * The naked eye can see up to magnitude 8 objects under ideal dark sky conditions.

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