Top 20 NewSpace companies

These are 20 of the most innovative and disruptive NewSpace companies to watch:

Astra Space

Rocket 4.0 - orbital rocket
ASE, ASE Max - electric propulsion for satellites


Peregrine, Griffin - lunar landers
CubeRover - lunar rover


In-orbit servicing, debris removal, and end of life

Axiom Space

Axiom Hub One - space station
Private missions to ISS

Blue Origin

New Shepherd - suborbital rocket
New Glenn - orbital rocket | BE-4 - rocket engine

Firefly Aerospace

Alpha, Beta - orbital rockets
Blue Ghost - lunar lander

Gilmour Space

Eris - orbital rocket

Intuitive Machines

Nova-C, Nova-D, Nova-M - lunar landers
µNova - lunar hopper

Leo Labs

LEO mapping data, analytics
Phased-array radar network

Masten Space

Xelene - lunar lander


Orbital service and transfer vehicle

PT Scientists

ALINA - lunar lander
Audi Lunar Quattro - lunar rover

Relativity Space

Terran 1, Terran R - 3D printed orbital rockets

Rocket Lab

Neutron, Electron - orbital rockets
Photon - spacecraft


Skyora XL - orbital rocket | Third Stage, Space Tug - orbital spacecraft
Skylark L, Skyhy - suborbital rockets

Space Perspective

SpaceBalloon - suborbital high-altitude (30km) balloon
Neptune - pressurized capsule


Falcon, Falcon Heavy - orbital rockets
Starship - point-to-point, lunar, Mars rocket + spacecraft


Orbital, suborbital electric centrifugal launchers

Varda Space

Orbital manufacturing facility

Virgin Galactic/Orbit

Cosmic Girl, LauncherOne - orbital aircraft launcher + rocket
WhiteKnight Two, SpaceshipTwo - suborbital aircraft launcher + spaceplane