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Astrophotography has advanced dramatically in the last 5 years due to the advent of relatively cheap CCD cameras and image-processing software. A backyard astronomer can now take digital images that rival what the best telescopes produced a decade ago. While hypered-film cameras still have their small niche, the vast majority of astrophotography done today is digital using digital SLR cameras (such as the Canon EOS 60DA) or dedicated CCD cameras, auto-guiders, and CCD image-processing software.

Serious astrophotographers use apochromatic (APO) refractor telescopes for astrophotography. A decent discussion of astrophotography could fill an entire website, but here are are some products that may spark your interest:

Astrophotography Telescopes

Telescope designed for the sole purpose of astrophotography are called astrographs.

Scope Systems

Complete Systems

Apo Scopes


Newt Scopes

Newtonian Telescopes

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