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Telescope Buying Tips
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Choosing a Telescope

Selecting and buying the right telescope really boils down to your budget, what you plan on spending the most time viewing, how you view your objects (using your eyes or using a camera) and where you will be using your telescope most at. With that said, below are some guidelines. Also see 3 Main Types of Telescopes.

Telescope Rules of Thumb

Do's for Buying Telescopes

  • As a first telescope, a 6" or 8" Dobsonian reflector offers great bang for the buck. On the refractor side, an 80mm on a stable mount is also an OK alternative first telescope.
  • Plan on spending a minimum of $300 for a decent beginner's telescope.
  • Get an oversized/overrated mount - telescope mounts MUST be sturdy.
  • Stick with 1.25" size eyepieces at a minimum, stay away from 0.965" designs.
  • Get a size and weight that you don't mind setting up or lugging around to remote sites.
  • Select 2 (or 3) quality eyepieces and a Barlow lens. Lower-cost good-quality eyepieces are Plössl eyepieces. The Orion planetary filter kit is also a great deal.
  • Get a guide scope.

Don'ts for Buying Telescopes

  • Don't buy a telescope from a department store, nature-science store or toy store. These are totally unsuited for astronomy and will end up unused or in the trash.
  • Don't buy any telescope that costs less than $300.
  • Stay away from 0.965" size eyepieces - 1.25" eyepieces are a minimum.
  • Avoid getting so large and heavy of a telescope that you don't want to use or transport it around.

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