All Space Exploration Missions

List of all spacecraft missions that resulted in a successful orbit or landing around a planet, moon, asteroid, or comet. A few notable flybys (like for Pluto) are included. Also listed are future proposed and planned missions.

Missions to the planets

Ceres (dwarf) Dawn 2015-2018 retired
Jupiter Galileo Orbiter 1995-2003 retired
Jupiter JUNO 2016-2025 active
Mars Mars 3 1971 retired
Mars Mariner 9 1971-1972 retired
Mars Mars 2,3,5 1971-1974 retired
Mars Viking 2 1976-1980 retired
Mars Viking 1 1976-1982 retired
Mars Pathfinder 1997 retired
Mars Sojourner 1997 retired
Mars MGS 1997-2006 retired
Mars Mars Odyssey 2001-2025 active
Mars Spirit 2004-2010 retired
Mars Opportunity 2004-2018 retired
Mars MRO 2005-present active
Mars Phoenix 2008 retired
Mars MSL Curiosity 2012-present active
Mars MAVEN 2014-present active
Mars ExoMars TGO 2016-present active
Mars InSight 2018-present active
Mars Hope Mars 2020-present active
Mars Mars Ingenuity 2020-present active
Mars Mars Perseverance 2020-present active
Mars Tianwen-1 2020-present active
Mars NeMO 2020s under study
Mars ExoMars 2022 planned
Mars MOM 2 2024 planned
Mars MSR 2026 under study
Mars Cargo StarShip 2027 planned
Mars Crew StarShip 2029 planned
Mercury MESSENGER 2011-2015 retired
Mercury BepiColumbo 2025 active
Pluto (dwarf) New Horizons 2015 active
Saturn Cassini 2004-2017 retired
Uranus Uranus Orbiter & Probe 2031 planned
Venus Venera 9 1975 retired
Venus Venera 12 1978 retired
Venus Pioneer Venus Orbiter 1978-1992 retired
Venus Venera 14 1982 retired
Venus Vega 2 1985 retired
Venus Magellan 1990-1994 retired
Venus Venus Express 2006-2015 retired
Venus Akatsuki 2015-present active
Venus Photon Venus 2023 planned
Venus Shukrayaan-1 2025 planned
Venus VERITAS 2028 planned
Venus Venera-D 2029 proposed
Venus DAVINCI 2030 planned

Missions to the moons

Missions to the moons include orbiters, landers, and rovers. We have landed on Luna (moon of Earth) and Titan (moon of Saturn) so far.

Europa Europa Clipper 2024 planned
Ganymede JUICE 2023 planned
Luna Apollo 11 1970s returned
Luna Apollo 12 1970s returned
Luna Apollo 14 1970s returned
Luna Apollo 15 1970s returned
Luna Apollo 16 1970s returned
Luna Apollo 17 1970s returned
Luna Chang'e 1 2007-2009 retired
Luna Chang'e 2 2010-2011 retired
Luna GRAIL A/B 2011-2012 retired
Luna ARTEMIS P1/P2 2011-present active
Luna LADEE 2013-2014 retired
Luna Chang'e 3 2013-present active
Luna Chang'e 4 2018 active
Luna Chandrayaan-2 2019 active
Luna Chang'e 5 2020 returned
Luna Astrobotic Peregrine 2021 planned
Luna CAPSTONE 2021 planned
Luna IM Nova-C 2021 planned
Luna Astrobotic Moonranger 2022 planned
Luna Masten XL-1 2022 planned
Luna Astrobotic Griffin-VIPER 2023 planned
Luna dearMoon Starship 2023 planned
Phobos MMX 2025 planned
Titan Huygens 2005-2010 retired
Titan Dragonfly 2025 planned

Missions to asteroids and KBOs

Missions to asteroids and KBOs include flybys, orbiters, impactors, and landers. There have been a few sample return missions as well.

Arrokoth New Horizons 2019-present Sagittarius
Bennu OSIRIS-Rex 2018-2023 active
Didymos Hera 2027 planned
Dimorphos DART 2022 planned
Dimorphos APEX-Juventas 2027 planned
Eros NEAR Shoemaker 2001 retired
Itokawa Hayabusa 2005-2010 returned
Kamo'oalewa ZhengzHe 2022-2024 planned
Psyche Psyche 2022-2026 planned
Ryugu MASCOT 2018 retired
Ryugu Minerva II-1A/1B 2018 retired
Ryugu Hayabusa2 2018-2020 returned
Ryugu SCI 2019 retired
Vesta Dawn 2011-2012 retired

Missions to comets

Missions to comets include flybys, orbiters, impactors, and landers. There have been a few sample return missions as well.

Churyumov-Gerasimenko Philae 2004-2016 retired
Churyumov-Gerasimenko Rosetta 2004-2016 retired
Elst-Pizarro ZhengzHe 2022-2030 planned
Giacobini-Zinner ICE 1978 retired
Halley Vega 1, 2 1984 retired

Missions to the Sun

Missions to Sol, our sun, include orbiters only.

Sol Pioneer 5-9 1960-2001 retired
Sol Helios A/B 1974-1985 retired
Sol Ulysses 1994-2007 retired
Sol SOHO 1996-present active
Sol ACE 1997-2024 active
Sol Genesis 2001-2004 retired
Sol STEREO A/B 2006-2018 retired
Sol DSCOVR 2015-present active
Sol Parker Solar Probe 2018-2025 active
Sol Solar Orbiter 2020-present active
Sol Aditya-L1 2022 planned

Missions exiting the Solar System

Missions now travelling in interstellar space between the Kuiper Belt and the Oort Cloud. These spacecraft will take another 300 years or so to reach the inner boundary of the Oort Cloud, and another 30,000 years to exit the outer edge and on to the stars.

interstellar Pioneer 10 1972-2003 Taurus
interstellar Pioneer 11 1973-1995 Scutum
interstellar Voyager 1 1973-present Ophiuchus
interstellar Voyager 2 1979-present Pavo

Last, but not least, SpaceX launched a Tesla Roadster (with Starman) on Feb 2018 into interplanetary space. It orbits around the sun between Earth and Mars. It is currently located in the constellation Aries, but at magnitude 25.75, it is much too small and faint to see in any telescope except Hubble.