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Herschel 400 Catalog
Herschel 400 Catalog of Deep-Sky Objects

Herschel 400 Deep-Sky Objects

The Herschel 400 Catalog is a subset of the original Herschel (2,500 object) Catalog that contains 400 northern-sky galaxies, nebulae, and star clusters that can be found by amateur astronomers that want a challenge after finding the easier/brighter Messier Catalog and Caldwell Catalog objects. The Herschel 400 requires a bit larger telescope (6 inches and larger) than the Messier and Caldwell objects that can all be found in 4-6 inch scopes.

Herschel objects are designated by their NGC number rather than by a Herschel H number, unlike Messier and Caldwell objects that are designated by their M and C number.

      1. NGC/Her #
      2. Name/Type
      3. Constellation