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Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park is a recognized dark sky location in California for stargazing and astronomy activities.

It is designated by DarkSky International (IDS) as a Dark Sky Park, which is internationally recognized for preserving a dark sky experience.


Joshua Tree National Park is rated Bortle Class 2.

Star party:

Joshua Tree hosts a popular large star party annually.


As a U.S. national park, various camping options may be available, including frontcountry, dispersed (boondocking), and backcountry (backpacking/primitive). A permit may be required.


In addition to being known for its dark skies, Joshua Tree is also known for its birdwatching, with many different species of birds that habitate there.

OHV trails

Off-road vehicle trails and camping are also permitted for ATVs, dirt bikes and other OHVs (off-highway vehicles). A permit is required.

EV charging

Electric vehicle charging stations are also available at select locations in Joshua Tree National Park. See also All EV charging parks in U.S.

For more info, see their website. See also all dark sky places in CA.