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Alpha Centauri B (Toliman)

Alpha Centauri B (α Cen B), also known as Toliman, is a spectral class K1V star of magnitude 1.35 located in the constellation Centaurus. α Cen B is one of the brighter stars in Centaurus and can be seen by the naked eye under dark skies or with binoculars.

      1. Name:
      2. Alpha Centauri B
      1. Short name:
      2. α Cen B
      1. Common name:
      2. Toliman
      1. Spectral class:
      2. K1V
      1. Magnitude:
      2. 1.35
      1. Right Acension:
      2. 14h 39m 39.39s
      1. Declination:
      2. -60° 50' 22.1"