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CO Astrotourism

Astrotourism in Colorado

Enjoy astronomy in the state of Colorado. Go visit a planetarium, space museum, observatory, space tech factory, space port, dark sky park, or attend a star party!

Notable planetariums in CO

These are largest and most notable - also see all planetariums in Colorado.

      1. Venue
      2. Site/City
      1. Chamberlin Observatory
      2. Denver
      1. USAF Academy Observatory
      2. Colorado Springs
      1. Fiske Planetarium & Science Center
      2. Boulder
      1. Gates Planetarium
      2. Denver

    Space museums in CO

        1. Name
        2. Location
        1. Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum
        2. Denver

      Annual star parties in CO

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          1. Name
          2. Location
          1. Rocky Mountain Star Stare
          2. Walsenberg
          1. Sangre Star Festival
          2. Westcliffe

        Dark sky sites in CO

        Also see all dark sky sanctuaries and parks.

            1. Name
            2. Location
            1. Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park
            2. Montrose
            1. Dinosaur National Monument
            2. Dinosaur
            1. Great Sand Dunes National Park
            2. Mosca
            1. Jackson Lake State Park
            2. Orchard
            1. Slumgullion Center
            2. Lake City

          Spaceports in CO

          Also see all spaceports & launch sites.

              1. Name
              2. Location
              1. Colorado Air & Space Port
              2. Watkins