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AZ Astrotourism

Astrotourism in Arizona

Enjoy astronomy in the state of Arizona. Go visit a planetarium, space museum, observatory, space tech factory, space port, dark sky park, or attend a star party!

Notable planetariums in AZ

These are largest and most notable - also see all planetariums in Arizona.

      1. Venue
      2. Site/City
      1. Flandrau Sci Center & Planetarium
      2. Tuscon
      1. Dorrance Planetarium
      2. Phoenix

    Notable observatories in AZ

    These are largest and most notable - also see all observatories in Arizona.

        1. Name
        2. Location
        1. Kitt Peak National Observatories
        2. Sells
        1. Lowell Discovery Telescope
        2. Mormon Lake
        1. Mt. Graham International Observatories
        2. Safford
        1. MMT Observatory
        2. Amado
        1. Mount Lemmon Observatory
        2. Mt. Lemmon
        1. National Optical Astronomy Observatory
        2. Tucson

      Annual star parties in AZ

      Also see all star parties in the U.S..

          1. Name
          2. Location
          1. Grand Canyon Star Party
          2. Grand Canyon

        Archeoastronomical sites in AZ

            1. Name
            2. Location
            1. Meteor Crater
            2. Winslow

          Dark sky sites in AZ

          Also see all dark sky sanctuaries and parks.

              1. Name
              2. Location
              1. Flagstaff Area National Monuments
              2. Flagstaff
              1. Grand Canyon National Park
              2. Flagstaff
              1. Kartchner Caverns State Park
              2. Benson
              1. Oracle State Park
              2. Pinal
              1. Petrified Forest National Park
              2. Adamana
              1. Tumacacori National Historical Park
              2. Tumacacori
              1. Tonto National Monument
              2. Roosevelt

            Meteor craters in AZ

            These are the major meteor impact crater sites you can visit. Also see all meteor crates.

                1. Crater name
                2. Diameter
                1. Barringer crater
                2. 1.2