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Astronomy Software

Tour The Universe with Starry Night!

Astronomy software is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, for PDAs, Palms and even cell phones. Astronomy software falls in 4 major categories: planetarium software that depicts the objects and motions of the night sky; CCD imaging software for processing digital images for astrophotography; for telescope control; and programs that track various satellites.

Popular Planetarium Software Titles

Software Company
Starry Night
Redshift 5 Cinegram Media
TheSky 6 Bisque Software
SkyMap Pro SkyMap Software
Voyager III Carina Software

Popular CCD Imaging Software Titles

Software Company
MaxIm DL Diffraction Limited
AIP4Win Willmann-Bell
MIRA Diffraction Limited
CCDSoft Axiom Research
PRiSM Axilone Multimedia

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