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Naked-Eye vs Binoculars vs Telescope Viewing

This simple chart illustrates the differences in viewing between method:

      1. Naked Eye
      2. Binoculars
      3. Telescopes
      1. 5 planets
      2. 7 planets
      3. 8 planets + Pluto
      1. 2-3 galaxies
      2. several galaxies
      3. hundreds of galaxies
      1. a few double stars
      2. dozens of double stars
      3. hundreds of double stars
      1. a few star clusters
      2. dozens of star clusters
      3. hundreds of star clusters
      1. a few nebulae
      2. several nebulae
      3. dozens of nebulae
      1. planets as points
      2. several planets as disks,
        moons of Jupiter
      3. moons of several planets,
        details of planets
      1. Milky Way as hazy band
      2. star clouds in Milky Way
      3. detail in Milky Way
      1. biggest lunar features
      2. hundreds of lunar features
      3. thousands of features

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