Brightest yellow giants & others

A list of the brightest yellow giant, supergiant, hypergiant and other yellow-colored stars that can be found in the night sky by eye, binoculars, or modest-sized telescope.

Wezen yellow supergiant 1.8 Canis Major
V382 Carinae yellow hypergiant 3.8 Carina
ρ Cassiopeiae yellow hypergiant 4.1-6.2 Cassiopeia
V509 Cas yellow hypergiant 4.6-6.1 Cassiopeia
V766 Centauri yellow hypergiant 6.1-7.5 Centaurus
Mebsuta yellow supergiant 3.1 Gemini
89 Herculis yellow supergiant 5.4 Hercules
Arneb yellow supergiant 2.6 Lepus
9 Pegasi yellow supergiant 4.4 Pegasus
μ Persei yellow supergiant 4.2 Perseus
Mirfak yellow supergiant 1.8 Perseus