Brightest red giants & others

A list of the brightest red giant, supergiant, hypergiant and other red-colored stars that can be found in the night sky by eye, binoculars, or modest-sized telescope.

Arcturus red giant -0.05 Bootes
VY CMa red hypergiant 6.5-9.6 Canis Major
μ Cephei red supergiant 4.1 Cepheus
RW Cephei red hypergiant 6.7 Cepheus
VV Cephei A red supergiant 4.9 Cepheus
Gacrux red giant 1.6 Crux
WOH G64 red hypergiant 6.9 Dorado
Rasalgethi red supergiant 3.4 Hercules
Betelgeuse red supergiant 0.0-1.3 Orion
S Persei red hypergiant 9.2 Perseus
VX Sagittarii red hypergiant 11.7 Sagittarius
Antares red supergiant 0.6-1.6 Scorpius
UY Scuti red hypergiant 8.3-10.5 Scutum
119 Tauri red supergiant 4.4 Taurus
Aldebaran red giant 0.85 Taurus