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Neutron stars
Crab Nebula Pulsar

⚛ Neutron Stars: Pulsars, Magnetars, X-ray Binaries

Neutron stars are formed by the gravitational core collapse of massive stars during a Type II supernova. As such, they are dead (degenerate) because they no longer generate fusion. Different types include:

PSR - Pulsar. Rapidly spinning neutron star
PSR2 - Double pulsar. Two rapidly spinning neutron stars orbiting each other
MSP - Millisecond pulsar. Pulsar that rotates more than a thousand times a second
-HMXB - X-ray binary pulsar. X-ray spectrum pulsar with a stellar companion
SGR - Magnetar. Highly magnetized neutron star
GW - Neutron star merger. Two neutron stars colliding creating massive gravitational waves

* = 1 planet, ** = 2 planets, *** = 3 planets orbiting the neutron star

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