Brightest blue giants & others

A list of the brightest blue giant, supergiant, hypergiant and other blue-colored stars that can be found in the night sky by eye, binoculars, or modest-sized telescope.

τ Canis Majoris blue supergiant 4.4 Canis Major
UW CMa blue supergiant 4.8-5.3 Canis Major
δ Circini blue star 5.1 Circinus
μ Columbae blue star 5.2 Columba
BP Crucis blue hypergiant 10.8 Crux
Cygnus OB2-12 blue hypergiant 11.4 Cygnus
Cygnus X-1 blue supergiant 8.9 Cygnus
V1768 Cygni blue hypergiant 5.6 Cygnus
10 Lacertae blue star 4.9 Lacerta
Plasketts star blue giant 6.1 Monocerus
ζ Ophiuchi blue star 2.6 Ophiuchus
ι Orionis blue giant 2.8 Orion
σ Orionis blue star 3.8 Orion
θ1 Orionis C blue star 5.1 Orion
Alnitak blue supergiant 1.8 Orion
Bellatrix blue giant 1.6 Orion
Meissa blue giant 3.3 Orion
Mintaka blue giant 2.2 Orion
Rigel blue supergiant 0.05-0.18 Orion
ξ Persei blue giant 4 Perseus
Naos blue supergiant 2.3 Puppis
HT Sagittae blue hypergiant 6.9 Sagitta
V4030 Sagittarii blue hypergiant 8.4 Sagittarius
ζ Scorpii blue hypergiant 4.7 Scorpius
V430 Scuti blue hypergiant 8.3-10.6 Scutum
Alcyone blue giant 2.9 Taurus